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Precious metal recycling

Erich Siegler 

Make money on recovery -
Entrust your materials to us !

We are aware of the level of demand which our customers place on us: reliability, precision and progressive technology are the standards of our business. The precious metal refining plant in Liesing, Vienna, which came into operation in 1993 meets the highest environmental standards and allows even the smallest quantities of precious metals to be recovered economically from various materials:  


  Gold-, silver-, platinum- or palladium-containing separated material  
  Waste (polishing residue, filter residue etc.)  
  Galvanic baths containing Precious-metal
  Photographic silver (film ash, cathode silver etc.)  
  Waste from electronic and electrical engineering  
  Catalysts containing catalysts Precious-metal 
  Used platinum equipment from the laboratory  

Your contact: 

Erich Siegler
+43 1 866 46 / 4153
+43 1 866 46 / 4154

or your Ögussa branch.

Figure: homogenised ingots after sampling

All processing steps are accurately documented, each batch supplied passes separately through the processing stages:

  • Input control: your supplied material is weighed using precision scales, checked and documented.

  • Melting/homogenisation: refining material is melted separately, waste is ashed, ground and sieved and baths sampled. Proven homogenisation methods ensure exactly uniform mixing. 

  • Sampling: the sample ingots from the client's melt are drilled to remove chips for the laboratory, in the case of waste, sample dividers built into the mixer split off a complete cross-section of the material. 

  • Analysis: the fine contents are determined precisely scientifically using docimasy (fire sample) and the latest laboratory techniques (ICP, AAS). 

  • Return - you have the choice: voucher for freely managed weight account, purchase by Ögussa, return in the form of refined metal or precious metal products.

  • Recovery: your material will only be released for further processing when the precious metal content of your delivery has been clearly documented by an analytical sample.
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