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The World of precious Metals



Silox R 1 SSG-CuSi3 nach DIN 1733Silox R 4 ASG-CuA110Fe according to DIN 1733
Composition:2,9% Si   0,9% Mn Rest CuFormulation:9,5% Al   1,2% Fe Rest Cu
Melting range:965 - 1035 °CMelting range:1030 - 1040 °C
Tensile strenght:350 N/mm²Tensile strenght:500 N/mm²
Breaking elongation:20 %Breaking Elongation:35 %
Hardness of brinell:80 HBHardness of brinell:140 HB

Due to high content of copper the additives above have a relatively low fusion point. The base material is thus not being melted. With optimal parameter setting, exectly one drop of the additive material per pulse is melted off the wire electrode.

Parameter setting:

  • low ground current approximately 20 amps
  • current range between 40-130 amps
  • soldering speed from 70 to 100 cm / min.

Wire Promotion:

Compared to steel, filler metals bronze wires are very soft. The wire transfer must be free of abrasion. For bronze wires cable assemblies with teflon or plastic-graphite souls are used.

Shielding gases for MIG - Soldering 

® Argon 
® Argon with a slight addition of O2 (about 1%) calms the arc, arc burns stable

In case of significant instability of the arc there can be a too thick layer of zinc (from about 15 microns). It is recommendable to shorten the lenght of the arc.