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The World of precious Metals

1. Copper and Copper Alloys

Copper is one of those metals which was already in use in prehistoric times. It was found in many parts of the Earth in pure form and is the oldest utility material. It is one of the few metals that has acquired major technical importance in its native (unalloyed) form.

This is especially attributable to the following properties:
copper has, after silver (Ag), the second highest electrical conductivity of all metals.

This is why many electrical components or leads are made of copper. As a result of its extraordinarily high corrosion resistance, good workability and the visually pleasing red colour, copper is used in many applications, for example, in installation engineering, in sanitary installations and in heating. Copper pipes have been used for a long time in the construction of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment (refrigerators and refrigerated display cases). In structural sheet-metal working, copper is used to manufacture roofs and gutters for aesthetic reasons and because of its resistance. In addition, copper is an especially important or exceptional alloying constituent for many utility metals (bronzes).