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The World of precious Metals

3.2 Gas Welding

This is the oldest welding connection of copper and places special demands on a welder´s experience. The following welding forms are proposed:

The seams are not stapled because of the high thermal expansion, but only held with clips. Suitable fluxes may be applied broadly to the top and bottom. Preheating to Rotwärme. It is welded with a neutral set welding flame according to the left welsing method (welding with a lagging burner). It must be worked only in one layer (No rewelding - danger of cracking). With thick sheets in short steps reheating and hammering at Rotwärme. Best results are achieved with silver alloyed welding wires that , dditionally, can be used in all situations.

Welding rod and Flux

Silox S 1Norm designation S-CuAgMelting Range1060 - 1080 °C
Silox F 1Norm designation FH 21Range of working temperature750 - 1100 °C

The flux residues are not hygroscopic and can be removed mechanically or by quenching.
A quick cooling leads to the formation of fine grain and thus increase quality. The welding joint is of the same color and just as chemically resistant as the base material. The electrical conductance of the welding rod Silox S 1 is between 30 - 45 Sm / mm ².


Quality of a Welding Connection with Silox S 1

Tensile Strenght80 - 120 N/mm²welding seamnot hammered
Tensile Strenght180 - 220 N/mm²welding seamhammered