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The World of precious Metals

2.3 Soft Soldering and Fluxes

The soft solder L-CdZn20 (Silox S 7 A), working temperature 300°C and Type 2.1.3. flux in accordance with DIN EN 29454-1 (Silox F 7 A) are used as soldering additives for joint soldering. The flux must not come in contact with a naked flame because it contains organic components which burn. Suitable heat sources are soldering pistons (electrically or gas heated), hot plates or hot air guns. The solder L-SnZn40 (Silox S 7) is used for deposition soldering.

Soft Solders in accordance with ÖNORM M 7825
Silox S 7    in cast rods
Silox S 7A  in 2 and 3mm Ø  rods

Standard DesignationTypeComposition
Cd     Sn     Zn
Melting Range °C
L-SnZn40Silox S 70     60     40200 - 350
L-CdZn20Silox S 7A80     0     20270 - 280

Fluxes in accordance to DIN EN 29454-1

Standard DesignationTypeCompositionRange of Operating Temperature °C
3.1.1.Silox F 7Chloride150 - 300
2.1.3.Silox F 7AAmine200 - 300