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The World of precious Metals

1.1 Base Materials

Pure aluminium as well as several alluminium alloys with hardening additions of Cu, Mg, Si, Mn, Zn are proper for hard soldering. The alloys have higher strenght than pure aluminium and can in some cases be strenghtened additionally.

Materials with additions of more than 2% Mg are poorly wettable and therefore not suitable for soldering.

Thus, in fact, only pure aluminium and a few high melting aluminium wrought alloys are suitable for hard soldering with the well known aluminium hard solder Silox S 6 S and hard solder flux Silox F 6 S.

MaterialMelting Range °CSuitability HL
Pure aluminium660good
Al wrought alloys
AlMn; AlMgMn;
AlMg; AlMgSi;
AlCuMg; AIZnMg;
640 - 655
660 - 640
500 - 640
Al cast alloys
AlSi; AISiMg;
530 - 645none