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The World of precious Metals

Approved Solders and Fluxes

Those solders and fluxes that are approved in the area of Installation are collected in table 1. Pb and Cd free solder alloys are used for both soft and hard soldering. The soft solders you meet primarily on the solder of the type S-SnAg3. This solder is very often used together with the flux 3.1.1 as solder paste, whereas solder is added additionally during soldering.

Solders and Fluxes for Sanitary, Heating and Air Conditioning

Soft SoldersOperating TemperatureCuMsRgSt


Important Areas of ApplicationFluxes
Soldamoll 220270 °Cxxx--Special soft solders for potable and hot water pipes as well as for heating systems with flow temperature to 110 ° C maximum allowable working pressure 10 barSoldaflux 7000

Degufit 3000
Silox 260300 °Cxxx--as Soldamoll 220 as well as for use in solar heating systems. Maximum Idle temperature: 200 ° C Maximum allowable operating pressure: 6 barATTENTION:

only in conjunction with solder paste Degufit 3000


Hard SoldersOperating TemperatureCuMsRgStVerz.

Important Areas of Application

Ögussa 4576670 °Cxxxx-Cadmium free silver solders for copper pipe connections, water pipes and components that come into contact with food. Hygienically harmless. Maximum operating temperature: 150 ° Ch-paste
Ögussa 4404730 °Cxxxx-
Ögussa 3476710 °Cxxxx-
Ögussa 200 P710 °Cxxx- -Copper to copper without flux Not in Sulfur containing media! Ögussa 1500 P - for copper  compounds subjected to strong vibrations(example: air conditioning units, refrigeration Systems)h-paste
Ögussa 1500 P   710 °Cxxx- -
Drill 900900 °C ---xxFilled brazing flux for galvanized steel pipes up to 360 mm ØSilox F 2 Z