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The World of precious Metals

Soldering can be divided into three groups


  1. According to the altitude of the operating temperature
  2. According to the form of the heat source
  3. According to the shape of the soldering joint

Operating Temperature

The operating temperature is the lowest surface temperature of the basic materials to join whereat the solder can wet, spread and join. It can be identical to the liquidus temperature or ly beyond it. It is however never below the solidus temperature because the solder is still solid then.

With operating temperatures below 450 ° C is called soft soldering.
With working temperatures above 450 ° C, the method is referred to as hard soldering, soldering at temperatures above 900 ° C, under vacuum or under inert gas, is referred to high-temperature soldering.

Which soldering method is selected depends on economic thinking, warmth sensibility of materials, the mechanical stress on the joint and on the operating temperatures of basic materials.

Heat Sources

Many ways of soldering are performed with flames. However, there are also other possibilities, such as:

  • flame-heated
  • oldering machines
  • induction brasing
  • ofen soldering plants
  • electrical resistance soldering plants
  • gap brasing forms

If the solded joint is designed as parallel walled gap with a wideness  between 0,02 and 0,20 mm, the talk is of gap brasing.

If the soldered joint is not constructed as a parallel-walled joint e.g. is constructed as a V- or X-shaped joint or the distance between the parts to be joined is greater than 0.20 mm, we talk of joint soldering. This method is particularly used for soldering galvanised steel pipes to prevent damage to the zinc layer. The operating technique of joint soldering is similar to that of oxyacetylene welding and specifically the left-hand welding method. The joint is filled with solder drop by drop.

If the soldering is carried out for the purpose of coating a material surface, we talk of build-up soldering. ( Degussa - brazecoat method, tin-plating).