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Highest Quality Layer for Layer

Surface finishing in electroplating not only illuminates, it is also indispensible in the high tech segment of microchips and cell phones. We provide surface finishing in gold, hard gold, silver, rhodium, Ruthenium and palladium for technical and decorative applications. For the brass instruments we provide an aesthetic surface in addition to the perfect sound. But we also bring back the original shine to watches, jewelry, tableware, cutlery or sacral objects. The electroplating of technical components increases corrosion resistance, reduces electrical Transition resistance and improves conductivity and solderability. Layer monitoring with XRF documents the desired layer construction.

Coating in technical and decorative electroplating

Through polishing and refinishing various articles - such as watches, jewelry, tableware, cuttlery, sacral articles and much more - regain their former shine.

Let our high quality convince you.

Along with the brands AURUNA®, ARGUNA® und RHODUNA® we use Umicore precious metal electrolytes for functional and decorative finishing from captive development. 
Technical Features and the appearance of gold layers is product specific. Therefore it is vital to select the best electrolyte and a suitable layer thickness for the desired application. If neccessary X-Rays evaluate the recquired layer thickness and thus ensure the agreed quality.

You can select from the following Gold electrolytes:

Light Yellow
colour gold
gold content/Lit. Bad: 1g
maximum layer thickness: 0,2 my
A thin top layer to give the decorative article the desired final shade.

Mid Gold
colour gold
gold content/Lit. Bad: 1g
hardness: HV 90
maximum layer thickness 0,25 my
Elektrolyt e for cutting off strong gold layers. Application e.g. as top layer in colour gold-plating or as massive functional layer of plug-in contacts.

Red Gold
colour gold
gold content/Lit. Bad: 1g
Maximum layer thickness 0,25 my
A thin top layer to give the decorative article the desired final shade.

Ducat Yellow
hard gold
gold content / Lit. Bad 4g
hardness: HV 190
Maximum hardness 10 my
This positive feature hardens abrasive stressed surfaces and protects them from undesireable scratching. Due to its low nickel content this electrolyte is suitable for technical applications only.

You can select from the following white and grey electrolytes:

shade: silver white
metal content/Lit. Bad 40g
hardness: HV 170
maximum layer thickness 70 my
Silver is the most universal electrolyte. It is indespensible in jewelry, silver cuttlery and instruments in the decorative field. Furthermore there are numerous of possible applications in technical field, e.g. as contact surface for silver is the best electrical conductor, or for its antibacterial effect.

shade: brillaint white
metal content/Lit. Bad 2g
hardness: HV 600 – 800
Maximum layer thickness approx. 0,2 my
Gives white gold a brilliant white surface. Rhodium layers are used in the functional field in battery and sliding contacts. Refinishing on a rhodium surface is not possible. With colour metals a gold or nickel barrier layer  is neccessary.

shade: anthracite
metal content/Lit. Bad 5g
hardness: HV 800 – 900
Maximum layer thickness 0,2 my
Ruthenium is part of the platin group and gets deposited through the use of antracite black coloured additives. It is prefered in genuine and costume jewelry as well as with decorative accessoires such as seals and buckles. It develops a solid, shining surface. Refinishing on a ruthenium surface is not possible. With colour metals a gold or nickel barrier layer is neccessary.

Preparation for Electroplating

In order to achieve a high quality result the surfaces to finish should be flawlessly polished. We  willingly provide this service after technical examination.

Baths for precious metals are shine preservating yet not shine forming, meaning that in practice unconspicious scratches are being highlighted by the coating. However creative surface effects e.g. matting effects through brushes or sand blasting remain.

Please do keep in mind that all elements must be taken apart professionally and prepared for electroplating.

Also notice that ultrasonic pre-cleaning and ecevated tempratures can cause damage to gemstones.  

Therefore we can not take responsibility for gems, pearls, corals etc. For the purpose of saving precious metals we urgently recommend using shrinkable tubes, plastic tubes or insolating tapes.

Our ÖGUSSA-electroplaters are willing to work out solutions for your special cases of application.

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