The World of precious Metals



As a refinery the recycling of precious metals belongs to our core competences and brings the precious metal loop to a close. Not only gold and silver but also platinum, palladium, rhodium and iridium are recovered from materials with precious metal content at our site in Vienna.

  • Metal production scrap (punching, casting and filing waste)
  • End-of-life technical products like lab devices, thermo elements, circuit boards, electrodes and metal catalysts
  • Metal waste from dental offices
  • Used liquids such as cyanide and acidic precious metal electrolytes and slimes
  • Sweeps for incineration (chemical catalysts, polishing waste, sweepings, filter residues, sludge, ion exchange resins and films)
  • Residues for grinding (melting pots, slags, ceramic catalysts and abrasives)

State-of-the-art analysis methods (ICP, XRF) guarantee precise and reliable results that facilitate immediate settlement of your metal contents. Every processing step from the receipt of the material to settling the account with the customer is documented exactly and is fully traceable.

Your Contact Person in Vienna-Liesing

König Gerald

Head of Refining Business
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Gerald König

Tauber Gerald

Kundenservice Edelmetallrecycling
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Gerald Tauber

Lehner Patrick

Kundenservice Edelmetallrecycling
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Patrick Lehner

Panzenböck Robert

Kundenservice Edelmetallrecycling
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Robert Panzenboeck