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100% recycled gold - as fair and responsible as it gets

During the last months, the topic "fair and responsible gold" has been picked out as a central theme in the media.

Marcus Fasching, Managing Director of Ögussa: "I am glad that consumer decisions are more and more influenced by ethic factors and questions about responsibility. Our customers - goldsmiths and jewellers - and as a consequence also their customers enjoy maximum security regarding their conflict-free supply chain: Ögussa does not procure mine material, but on our site in Vienna we are recycling secondary raw materials, mostly sourced within Europe, with state-of-the-art technologies. One thing is clear: even responsibly mined material cannot nearly be made available for further processing in such a sustainable, fair and environmetally friendly way as this is the case with 100% recycled gold."

Ögussa regards it as an important differentiating factor on the market to have this regularly checked and approved by independent third parties. Therefore we underwent the certification process of the "RJC Code of Practice", based on exact criteria and performed by accredited external auditors.

Since Jan 25, 2012, Ögussa is member #94 of the Responsible Jewellery Council seated in London (