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Soldering, a thermal joining process, is nowadays clearly and unambiguously differentiated from related welding processes in the standard definition according to DIN ISO 857-2:2011. The origins of this technology can be traced back to around 4000 BC in the Middle East.

Even in soldering technology, there was no stopping the rapid industrial development of the 20th century. In recent decades especially, many innovative solders and fluxes were developed to meet the modern requirements.

These include our:

  • BrazeTec hard solders and hard solder fluxes
  • Silox soft solders and soft solder fluxes
  • Silox special solders
  • Welding filler materials for non-ferrous metals

Whenever there is a need for technically reliable joining of metals, we are on hand with our experts. The outstanding properties of our soldering products are used successfully in a variety of industries, from the automotive, energy, heating and air conditioning industries to the tool industry.

ÖGUSSA offers pioneering, economical and innovative solutions, products and technologies, and always focuses on the concerns of customers. We therefore create connections that last – both technically and personally.

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Product range of soldering and welding products

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