You are invited to report concerns or complaints about Ögussa’s business approach using our grievance contact form. This contact form is intended for the reporting of concerns with regard to possible irregularities in financial, ethical or behavioral matters that infringe our code of conduct.

All complaints can also be made anonymously, and will then be handled confidentially. The reports will be disclosed internally only to employees on “need to know” basis. In this way we ensure that the confidentiality of the identity of the reporting person and any third party mentioned in the report is protected, and prevent access thereto by non-authorized staff members.

Why report a concern at Umicore

Ögussa strives to be a reliable organization now and in the future and expects all its employees and members of management to maintain high standards in accordance with its Code of Conduct and the Umicore Way.

Nevertheless, Ögussa lika all other organizations faces the risk of things going wrong once or of unknowingly harboring illegal or unethical conduct. A culture of openness and accountability is essential to have processes established in case such situations might occur in order to address them and take measures when they occur.

Grievance Contact Form

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