ÖGUSSA: Market Leader in Precious Metal Processing and Recycling

The Austrian Gold Factory – Since 1862

With around 160 members of staff, ÖGUSSA is Austria’s market leader in precious metal processing and recycling. We are your reliable partner for high-purity metals and alloys of gold, silver, platinum and palladium in the form of precise, semi-finished products such as sheet metals, films, fine wires, strips, tubes and rods. Quality and precision are top priorities for us in the manufacture of our products.

Our Passion for Clean Technologies and Sustainability

Clean technologies and sustainability lie at the heart of our corporate philosophy. Our group of companies generates the majority of its revenue from and devotes its greatest R&D efforts to innovative, environmentally friendly approaches, e.g. catalytic converters for car exhausts, materials for rechargeable batteries, photovoltaic applications, fuel cells, and naturally the recycling of valuable materials. Our primary objective is to create lasting value, and this based on the endeavour to develop, produce and recycle materials in such a way that they live up to our corporate claim: “Materials for a better life.”



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ÖGUSSA Fine gold bars

ÖGUSSA Fine gold bars in various sizes. Bars directly from the manufacturer in Austria.

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ÖGUSSA Fine silver bars
ÖGUSSA Fine silver bars

ÖGUSSA Fine silver bars, in various sizes. Bars with guaranteed, embossed fineness

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Gold coins

Various exclusive gold coins at ÖGUSSA. Buy gold ducats and the 'Vienna Philharmonic'.

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ÖGUSSA – Precious Metal Rates / Precious Metal Prices

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Ögussa precious metal selling prices
Gold 69.821,00 EUR/kg
Silver 998,10 EUR/kg
Platinum 32.720,00 EUR/kg
Palladium 30.870,00 EUR/kg
Daily Rates Historical data to the Shop

All data are given without engagement. All prices are indicated without 20 % VAT. Investment gold bars are exempt from VAT according to § 6 (1) Z 8 lit. j UStG
Local Time: 29.05.2024 - 15:09:58 MESZ
All other prices upon request. (*) Precious metal prices are subject to permanent fluctuations and can massively change within minutes. The prices stated on our website are statistical and may only be regarded as indicative. Prices are applied for industrial volumes > 1 kg. In case of smaller quantities, deviations to these price indications are possible. We kindly ask you to contact our employees to inquire current prices.


Welcome to the ÖGUSSA News area, where you can always keep up to date with the latest developments, innovations and information about our products and services. This is the place to read about industry news, developments in the precious metal market, geopolitical effects in our sector, and current information about the gold price. Keep up to date, so that you will always be a step ahead.

Dental gold - donation

Our commitment to children's cancer aid through the "Dental gold" donation campaign.

Trade Fairs 2024

Visit us at the trade fairs Laborama, Forumlabo, Analytica, Lab Supply, Sensor+Test and Music Austria.

Sponsoring Lower Austrian Youth Welding Masters 2023

Congratulations to all participants and winners!

We Are Proud and Happy to be a Sponsoring Partner to the Dr Adolf Lorenz School

– A special school for physically disabled children in the 23rd district of Vienna.


The LICHT INS DUNKEL association has been helping people with disabilities and families in need for 50 years. ÖGUSSA has supported the fundraising campaign as a…

ÖGUSSA Team Success at the 22nd Vienna Energy Business Run, 2023

Committed ÖGUSSA employees at the 22nd Wien Energie Business Run

ÖGUSSA Products & Services for Business Customers

Benefit from professional precious metal management, our precious metal giro for the secure shipment of precious metals, jewelry metal service for goldsmiths…

Industry Champion 2023

Top customer service - ÖGUSSA is industry champion 2023!

ÖGUSSA – The World of Precious Metals

Gold Bars – The Brilliant Investment

Give a timeless gift of lasting value. Companies can give pure gold bars tax- and duty-free, as non-monetary gifts to staff, up to a value of 186.00 euros per person per year.

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Marktführer in der Edelmetall­verarbeitung

Market Leader in Precious Metal Processing

Precious metal recycling, electroplating, industrial metals, soldering technology, jewellery metals, precious metal processing at ÖGUSSA for business customers.

Services for Business Customers
Gold Purchasing, Silver Purchasing, Platinum Purchasing

Selling gold, silver or platin to ÖGUSSA

We buy your precious metal. Each piece you bring with you will be individually checked and weighed in your presence by means of a line test. This service is completely non-binding and free of charge at ÖGUSSA.

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ÖGUSSA – 8x in Austria

Visit us at our 8 ÖGUSSA branches in Austria and obtain advice from our experienced and competent staff.

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