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The World of precious Metals

It is about a clean future. Nowadays precious metals have to be without burden.


In the end, precious metals are always beautiful. Impeccable materials, pure, and in case of gold emotionally very meaningful.
But how can the story of a piece of jewellery be read at the beginning? Can it be told without exploitation, without environmental damage?

Yes: with Fair and Responsible Precious Metals

This is best reflected in the example of gold. Gold has been reused ever since. Collected, refined, forged again. Pursuing the principle reduce - reuse - recycle, this Recycled Gold comes into focus again in times of high gold demand: being the best and resource-friendliest option for Fair and Responsible Gold. Neigher the environment will be burdened again with harmful mining, nor are people forced to drudge for our jewellery under dishonourable and uncontrolled working conditions.

Let us re-write the story. The history of a piece of gold, that has been mined anytime and anyhow. Excavated under conditions that we do not know about and cannot influence any more. Because what we can do is: make sure that from now no additional damage is done.

By reusing gold that is already in circulation, no mercury or cyanide is needed for the depletion of mines, neither health of workers nor ground water is adversely affected. There also do not have to be dug deeper and more dangerous mine shafts risking human lives. For Recycled gold, end-of-use precious metal, originating for example from private old jewellery, is brought to responsible certified recyclers like Oegussa to recouperate the precious metal content. And that is ready to be used as Fair Gold for new pieces of jewellery.

The second most important source for Fair Gold is certified artisanal mining. Organizations like Fairtrade (FLO) or Fairminded (ARM) make sure that working conditions in the cooperating mines are humane: no child labour, fair payment as well as obligatory wear of personal protective equipment and trainings in handling the necessary chemicals.

The third source for Fair Gold is gold, that is washed in the very laborious traditional way without mercury. This gold is also called Green Gold. Unfortunately, the volumes are so marginally low that they are not an option for jewellery makers.

Fair and Responsible Precious Metals are true "Materials for a better life". A statement towards our customers. And a statement from our customers.

To deliver this statement clearly and verifiably we did a lot. Please see the details of the Umicore Way, our Code of Conduct, our conflict free and sustainable chain of delivery regarding procurement  and our respective certificates in the menu at the left side.

An Austrian initiative, the AFRG Alliance for Responsible and Fair Gold, is also intensively engaged in this topic: