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Good Money for Old Precious Metal

Do you have precious metals to sell? With ÖGUSSA you have come to the right place.

Welcome to the gold, silver and platinum buying department of ÖGUSSA, your trusted partner in precious metals trading in Austria.
We understand that selling old gold, silver and platinum is an important decision and offer you a process that is both transparent and profitable.

Whether you want to sell gold, silver or platinum, you have come to the right place with us. We accept a broad spectrum of precious metals, whether old jewellery, waste dental gold, cutlery or coins. We buy precious metal in any form, even in small quantities, unbureaucratically and at current daily rates.

Straightforward Sale of Gold, Silver or Platinum for Private Individuals

As a part of Austria’s leading processor of precious metals, our gold purchasing offices offer a convenient way for private individuals to sell precious metals. Come to one of our Branches in Vienna, Graz, Klagenfurt, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck or Dornbirn, or visit us online at www.oegussa.at for information about current gold and silver prices as well as purchasing rates for scrap gold and scrap silver. You can also call +43 810 14 15 76 to use the recorded information service.

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Current Precious Metal Prices

What you can expect when you sell your old gold to us

Professional valuation and analysis:

Our specialist staff in the branches will value your old gold, silver and platinum - be it jewellery, bars, coins or dental gold - with the utmost care.
Each piece of jewellery you bring with you is checked and weighed individually in your presence at the beginning using a line test.
You can observe directly how the value of each individual piece is determined. This service is completely non-binding and free of charge at ÖGUSSA.
We then calculate the value based on the current gold price. If you decide to sell, you will receive the calculated amount immediately in cash.

Calculation according to the current daily rate:

The value of your gold, silver or platinum is calculated based on the current daily rate.
As the price of gold is constantly changing, we guarantee you a fair valuation in line with the market.

Absolute transparency:

We attach great importance to making the entire valuation and pricing process transparent and understandable for our customers.

Your old precious metal is worth cash


After we have submitted our offer to you, and if you agree to it, the amount will be paid out to you immediately in cash. We offer top prices for the purchase of gold and silver.
Sell your old gold, dental gold, silver and platinum jewellery at one of our branches in Austria now.

Highest security and confidentiality standards:

The protection of your data and valuables is our top priority. The purchase is carried out under strict security precautions and with the utmost discretion.

Sustainability through recycling:

The old gold, silver and platinum we buy is often recycled and contributes to the manufacture of new products.
In this way, we support the responsible use of valuable resources.

At ÖGUSSA, we are proud to offer you a scrap gold buying service that is not only safe and transparent, but also meets the highest standards in the precious metals industry.
Contact us today to find out more and start your scrap gold sale.

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