Electroplating – Top Quality One Layer at a Time

We coat and finish a variety of items for you, such as:

Consumables, cutlery and silverware, jewellery and objets d’art.

Polishing and recoating allow your objects to regain their original shine. See our top quality for yourself and simply bring your parts for coating to an ÖGUSSA branch or our Head Office in Vienna Liesing.

Our staff are happy to advise you on all the coating options, e.g. such as:
Gold plating | Silver plating | Rhodium plating

  • A durable, high-quality surface finish can be achieved with intermediate and diffusion barrier layers.
  • Our Miralloy® bronze alloys act as a barrier layer for a nickel-free surface.
  • The required layer thickness is checked by means of an x-ray fluorescence spectroscope.
  • The water flow cycle and modern wastewater treatment plant are compliant with the strictest environmental conservation requirements.

Quality and Environmental Standards

We create lasting value and our proactive approach enables us to contribute to protection of the environment and minimisation of resource consumption. Our environmental management system is certified under ISO 14001 and Responsible Care. Our subcontracted electroplating is one of the few in Austria with a quality management system that is certified under ISO 9001.

For electroplating, the surface coating requires dismantling and preparation of the objects for coating.

In order to achieve a high-quality electroplating result, flawless polishing of the surfaces for coating is essential. We are happy to offer this polishing service after thorough technical examination.

Please note that precious metal baths can preserve but not build shine. This means that any existing, inconspicuous scratches on the surface may be visually enhanced by the coating. However, artistic surface effects, such as matting by brushing or sandblasting, are preserved.

When degreasing solutions, heated ultrasound cleaning and electrolyte baths are used, there is a risk of damage to precious stones or of dissolution of glued joints. We can therefore offer no guarantee for jewellery, gemstones or organic materials such as pearls, corals, ebony etc.

Our ÖGUSSA electroplaters are happy to help with developing bespoke solutions for your specific requirements.