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The World of precious Metals

Electroplating - Highest Quality Layer for Layer

We coat and finish a huge variaty of objects such as

commodaties, cuttlery and silver tableware, jewellery and objects of art.

Through polishing and refinishing various objects regain their former shine. Let our high quality convince you and just take Your objects to coat to an Ögussa branch or to our central in Vienna-Liesing.

Our employees are willing to advice you on all possibilities of coating, e.g.:

gold plating | silver plating | rhodium plating | palladium plating | black ruthenium

  • A permanent, high quality surface finishing is achieved through intermediate layers and diffusison barrier layers.
  • Our Miralloy® bronze alloys work as a barrier in such a way as to achieve a nickel free surface.
  • The recquired layer thickness is examined by X-radiation.
  • The water circulation and the modern sewage water clarification system are in accordance with the most stringend environmental restrictions.

Our wage plating department is one of the few in Austria with certificated quality management by ISO 9001.

In order to achieve a high quality result the surfaces to finish should be flawlessly polished. We  willingly provide this service after technical examination.

Baths for precious metals are shine preservating yet not shine forming, meaning that in practice unconspicious scratches are being highlighted by the coating. However creative surface effects e.g. matting effects through brushes or sand blasting remain.

Please do keep in mind that all elements must be taken apart professionally and prepared for electroplating. 

Also notice that ultrasonic pre-cleaning and ecevated tempratures can cause damage to gemstones.  

Therefore we can not take responsibility for gems, pearls, corals etc. For the purpose of saving precious metals we urgently recommend using shrinkable tubes, plastic tubes or insolating tapes.

Our ÖGUSSA-electroplaters are willing to work out solutions for your special cases of application.