ÖGUSSA Gold Bars – The Brilliant Investment

Certified Purity VAT-Free

Why Buy Gold?

Throughout the course of history, gold has been proven as a stable asset store, providing security against economic uncertainties. It traditionally represents gradual value appreciation and buying gold is recommended as a safe option for investment. Moreover, the coveted precious metal symbolises luxury and prestige.

A Timeless Gift and a Safe Option for Investment

Discover the advantages of ÖGUSSA gold bars. In Austria gold bars are exempt from VAT and can be purchased anonymously up to the sum of € 10,000.00. Private and Secure.



Buy Certified Gold Bars and Make Dreams Come True

For ÖGUSSA gold bars, we guarantee a hallmarked standard of 999.9. Invest now and build up security piece by piece, or create a financial investment to fulfil your dreams.

For every occasion, we offer the right bar size at the current gold price daily rate:


ÖGUSSA purchase and sale prices for gold bars are based on the current, international gold prices on the stock exchanges. This is how we ensure that you always receive fair and transparent prices.

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We would like to inform you that payments with credit or debit cards are not possible in our branches. Thank you for your understanding.

Advantages of Buying ÖGUSSA Gold Bars

Compared with coins, one major advantage of gold bars is the lower cost of embossing and casting. Benefit from attractive prices, especially for heavier bars. Bars are traded close to the gold rate, as are bullion coins, which serve as investment coins or collector coins.

As a business, you can offer your staff pure gold bars tax- and duty-free, as non-monetary gifts, which can be given up to the value of 186 euros per person per year. Give pure gold bars as a symbol of trust, loyalty and constancy, and fittingly celebrate special occasions such as awards, distinctions and anniversaries.

In an ever-changing world, ÖGUSSA gold bars are also a sensible addition to your personal investment portfolio. Silver bars and platinum bars from ÖGUSSA, which are subject to VAT, offer additional opportunities for diversification of your investments.

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