The Product Line for Materials Testing

Demotec: Your comprehensive product line for materials testing, always offering optimal solutions for a variety of requirements. In addition, to round off our range, we offer practical processing aids. With the Demotec range, we open up new ways for metallographers and materials testers to manage their everyday work and its ever-increasing demands successfully.

Embedding Resin

Demotec – Technical Specifications

Type Colour Properties Components Mixing Ratio by Weight Processing Width
Setting Time in Min. Max. Temp. During Setting
10 White Gap-free
section embedding
4:2:1 4 - 5 10 85°C
20 Colourless – transparent Transparent
section embedding
Powder/liquid 2:1 4 - 5 10 87°C
30 Green – transparent Rapid, hard section embedding Powder/liquid 2:1 2 - 3 6 78°C
33 Green/transparent But soluble like Demotec 30 Powder/liquid 2:1 2 - 3 6 88°C
35 Light green/transparent Very hard, limited-gap section embedding Powder/liquid 2:1 2 - 3 5 80°C
40 Yellow/black Geometrically accurate impressions Powder/liquid 2:1 3 6 87°C
50 Grey Good adhesion, casting compound Powder/liquid 2:1 3 - 4 7 85°C
70 Black Electrically conductive section embedding Powder/liquid 1:1 5 18 105°C


Measured at a quantity of 10g in a polyethylene mould with Ø 30mm, with no object. The maximum temperature is sometimes significantly lower for an embedded specimen.

Liquimant® Colour Diamond Suspensions

Very high diamond concentration, high-quality, low-tolerance, monocrystalline diamond. The diamond suspensions are coloured for easier distinction of the grain sizes. Water-based. Available in grain sizes of 1 – 15µm.

DIP Polishing Cloths

Dimensions Available:
200mm – 250mm and 300mm DM.
Also for magnetic systems if desired.

Advantages of DIP Polishing Cloths and DIP Fluid Plus Diamond Concentrate:

  • DIP reduces polishing times
  • DIP can be used for all materials
  • DIP is easy to clean with water and a brush
  • DIP saves costs owing to its long durability