Decorative Electroplating – Top Quality One Layer at a Time

Our staff are happy to advise you on the various coating options, including:

Gold plating | Silver plating | Rhodium plating

We coat and finish a variety of items for you, so that they regain their original shine. This applies in particular for:

  •  Consumables
  •  Cutlery and silverware
  •  Musical Instruments 
  • Sacred objects
  •  Jewellery
  •  Objets d’art


Before coating, each part is professionally treated individually by a member of rack electroplating staff, and polishing work can also be performed if desired. Checking of the layer thickness is undertaken by means of x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, in order to guarantee compliance with the required standards.


Quality and Environmental Standards

We stand for sustainable values. Through our proactive approach, we contribute to protection of the environment and minimisation of resource consumption. Our environmental management system is certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and Responsible Care Standards.

Our subcontracted electroplating is one of the few in Austria to have a quality management system that is certified under ISO 9001.

Discover our outstanding quality for yourself! Simply bring your parts for coating to one of our Ögussa branches or our Head Office in Vienna Liesing.