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The World of precious Metals

Technical Electroplating

You want to finish entirely or partial:

  • circuit boards
  • electrical contacts
  • electronic components
  • plug-in contacts
  • mechanical components
  • wearing parts

Your technical advantages are:

  •  corrosion protection
  •  improvement of soldering and welding characteristics
  •  improvement of contact features
  •  oligodynamic effect (antibacterial effect especially with silver)
  •  highest quality

Our OEGUSSA-electroplaters are willing to work out solutions for your special cases of application. Solely the right combination of base material and metal coating delivers a perfect result. High quality in combination with economic use of ressources is a responsibilty and a duty of Ögussa electroplanting department. In order to maintain a high quality standard exact control over the bath process is indispensible to us. The process is documented through regular analytic controls of the baths and messurements of layer thickness on ready-made products (XRF).