Technical Electroplating

Technical electroplating is an essential part of our comprehensive range of services. It facilitates coating – silver plating, gold plating, rhodium plating – of technical components and parts with special electroplating processes. With electroplating, ÖGUSSA serves a wide range of applications in a variety of industrial sectors.


Electroplating Solutions for Optimum Material Properties at the Highest Quality Standards

In electroplating, only the right combination of base material and precious metal coating produces perfect results. Our aim is significant improvement in material properties of the carrier material and especially in corrosion resistance in aggressive climates. By using product holders or electroplating drums that are tailored to the shape of the parts, we guarantee optimum results.

We value top quality and the economical management of resources. With regular analytical checks of the electroplating baths and measurements of the layer thickness (XRF) of the finished product we ensure that our high quality standards are always met.


Do you want full or partial coating?

  •  Circuit boards
  •  Electrical contacts
  •  Electronic components
  •  Plug contacts
  •  Mechanical components
  •  Wearing parts

The technical advantages are:

  •  Corrosion protection
  •  Improvement of soldering and welding properties
  •  Improvement of contact properties
  •  Oligodynamic effect (germicidal effect, especially of silver)
  •  Top quality
  • Variety of sandwich layers, depending on application

Our ÖGUSSA electroplaters are happy to develop solutions for your specific applications.