Precious Metal Compounds for a Broad Range of Applications

Our precious metal compounds – available in gold, silver, platinum and palladium – are ideally suited to many different applications, including electroplated surface coatings and special applications such as mirror coatings, use of the oligodynamic effect, the production of supported catalysts and homogeneous catalysts, and many more.

Our range covers a broad spectrum of compounds, including:

  • Sodium gold sulphite
  • Ammonium gold sulphite
  • Potassium gold cyanide
  • Platinum (II) nitrate
  • Palladium chloride solution
  • Potassium silver cyanide
  • Silver oxide
  • Silver nitrate

These high-quality precious metal compounds are produced in accordance with strict quality standards and represent the perfect choice for applications in which precision and reliability are crucial. Trust ÖGUSSA for first-class precious metal compounds that meet your needs.