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The World of precious Metals

Semi-Finished Products - Full Precision

In order to meet customer requirements, we invest in state-of-the-art technologies. Metal sheets, tubes, wires and rods are the basis and are processed to Special products:

  • Seamless and welded tubes
  • Round, square and shaped wires
  • Ultrafine wires (> 20 µm)
  • Clad wires
  • Strips and sheets (>10 µm)
  • Semi-finished products with first-rate deformation
  • and polishing properties
  • Punched, bent und deep drawn parts
  • Electrical contact materials

Ultrafine Wires - A Fine Issue

Innovative technological solutions are often only made possible thanks to innovative materials. Meeting special technological specifications is the focus of our strategic alignment and reflects a key quality characteristic of our products. With special products like clad wires, ultrafine wires > 20 µm and sheets or strips > 10 µm, we are in a Position to comply perfectly with specific requirements of our customers.