Semi-Finished Products – No Half Measures

At ÖGUSSA we rely on innovation and the latest technologies to meet the individual requirements of our customers. Our business is based on high-quality sheet metals, tubes, wires and rods, which are processed into special products. Our range includes:

  • Tubes in seamless and welded designs
  • Round, square and profiled wires
  • Ultra-fine wires with a diameter greater than 20µm
  • Sheathed wires
  • Strips and films with a thickness greater than 10µm
  • Semi-finished products with excellent deformation and polishing properties
  • Punched, bent and deep-drawn parts
  • Electrical contact materials



Ultra-fine wires – A Delicate Matter

Innovation often requires innovative materials. At ÖGUSSA the focus of our strategic direction is on the fulfilment of specific, technical specifications, and this represents a central quality attribute of our products. With special products such as sheathed wires, ultra-fine wires with a diameter greater than 20µm and films/strips with a thickness greater than 10µm, we can meet the individual needs of our customers in full.