Thermocouples and Protective Tubes

Precise High-Temperature Measurement with Platinum and Platinum/Rhodium

Precise, reliable thermocouples are vitally important for high-temperature measurements. ÖGUSSA supplies platinum and platinum/rhodium thermocouples in the variants S, R and B, which meet the highest demands. Our stock goods are available at short notice. Plus: not only do we offer standard diameters of 0.35 and 0.50 mm; we also produce special diameters to meet your individual requirements. These are available either from stock on a coil or packaged and joined with a melted bead. Every delivery comes with a quality certificate, which guarantees the thermoelectric voltage in line with standards EN 60584-1996 and ASTM E 230/E230M.

As well as our thermocouples, we also offer platinum/rhodium and ZGS 16 platinum matching protective tubes, as the optimum addition to your high-temperature measuring system.

Also, as a part of our customer service, we offer to take back precious metal waste. Our internal recycling process enables us to work flexibly, quickly and cost-effectively. Trust ÖGUSSA for precise high-temperature measurement and environmentally friendly disposal of precious metal waste.

Standard delivery program

Diameter / mm g/m
at 20°C
Working Temperature ohm/m 
Permanent Short-Term
Thermocouple Pt10%Rh, TYP S        
0,35 1,92 1300°C 1600°C 2,01
0,50 3,92 1300°C 1600°C 0,98
Thermocouple Pt13%Rh, TYP R        
0,35 1,88 1300°C 1600°C 2,05
0,50 3,84 1300°C 1600°C 1,01
Thermocouple Pt für TYP R + S        
0,35 2,06 1300°C 1600°C 1,11
0,50 4,20 1300°C 1600°C 0,54
Thermocouple Pt30%Rh, TYP B        
0,35 1,70 1500°C 1700°C 2,19
0,50 3,47 1500°C 1700°C 1,07
Thermocouple Pt6%Rh, TYP B        
0,35 1,98 1500°C 1700°C 1,83
0,50 4,04 1500°C 1700°C 0,94