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The World of precious Metals

Gifts for business partners, clients and employees

We put your ideas of incentive items made of precious metals successfully into practice.

Let us know your requests, or pick up at our suggestions and discuss your ideas with our incentive specialists.

  • Medals or embossed bars (according to your designs)
  • Scale accurate models (of your products)
  • Faithful replicas (of small objects of art, eg for museum shops)
  • Accessories (keychains, lapel pins, tie clips, paperweights, etc.) including proper packaging engravings

Increased attention: Individual ideas impress more than monotonous mass-produced goods from the catalog.

Credible Motivation of employees: Precious metals underline through their symbol and metal value the seriousness of thanks and appreciation.

Receiver as an advertising medium: Exclusive gifts of silver, silver plated or gold are actually worn or used in a high degree.

Image of Conformity: Exclusive products require exclusive presents.

Economical mass production is possible from relatively small numbers. As leading precious metal fabricator Ögussa provides all the necessary techniques and process steps. The following production methods are used individually:

  • Model casting
  • Computer-made embossing models
  • Embossing tools laser
  • echnology engraving electroplate