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The World of precious Metals

Laser Welding - with utmost precision

This technology allows repairs and manufactures in infinite vininity of valuable gems, whithout causing thermal damage. The X-ray has only a size of a few tenths of a millimeter which causes a very high punctual concentration of energy. Laser welding is a connection technology that is indispensable to an innovative jewelry designer.  

  • precise, fine welding work immediately next to gems,
    without having to  take them out of their frames, repairs on temperature sensitive parts (antiques, etc.)
  • welding on furniture, on and shut welding of eyelets
  • repair welding without unealing discolouration
  • fixing of hollow goods for soldering procedures
  • tack welding of mounted jewelry
  • welding of materials with different melting points (such as steel and gold)

Ögussa enables you to share in this progress without investment costs. 

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