Your Partner for High-Quality Alloys

At ÖGUSSA we are proud to offer a wide range of alloys to meet the requirements of various industries. Our expertise in alloy production and development make us a trusted partner to companies all over the world.

Standard Alloys and Bespoke, Innovative Solutions

Not only does our range of alloys include the common, standard alloys; we are also leaders in the development of innovative, new alloys. We are convinced that continuous development of alloys is crucial, in order to meet the growing demands.

Another key aspect of what we offer is the possibility of manufacturing alloys in accordance with individual customer formulae. We understand that not all applications require standardised alloys, and this is why we offer bespoke solutions. Our experienced technicians work in close cooperation with our customers, in order to understand their exact requirements and to manufacture alloys that precisely meet these requirements. This enables our customers to maximise the performance of their products and to achieve competitive advantages.

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