Sustainable Procurement Charter

Dear Supplier,

Relationships between suppliers and customers are essential elements in building financial and economic value and will also play a key role in the promotion of social and environmental best practice. At Oegussa we are committed to the principles of sustainable development and we seek, wherever possible, to do business with partners which have already made such a commitment or which are willing to take steps in this direction.

We have developed a "Sustainable Procurement Charter" in order to better reflect our commitment to sustainable development in all areas of procurement – be it raw materials, energy, other goods or services. The document - that you can find in the download box - outlines our commitment to our suppliers in terms of our own conduct and practices. In return we would request that you, as an Oegussa supplier, take all necessary steps to ensure that your practices are compatible with the content and spirit of our Charter.

A successful supplier–customer relationship will be based on many elements such as technical specifications, quality, price, service and technology, environmental and social impact. Henceforth we are using our Sustainable Procurement Charter as another key tool in helping us determine the quality of our suppliers and we would show a preference for those partners who are able to demonstrate a commitment to sustainable development.

If you have any questions about the content of the Charter please do not hesitate to contact our purchasing department.

We look forward to doing business with you!

best regards

Marcus Fasching,
Managing Director