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Platingeräte in verschiedenen Ausführungen

Platinum Labware - Maximum Performance in technical Applications 

Devices made of platinum are Standard equipment in many chemical analytical laboratories because of their special properties. We produce platinum crucibles, platinum dishes, electrodes and many other lab devices from standard alloys (PtAu, PtIr, PtRh, AuPd).

The application determines the combination of alloy metals. Wetting behavior, corrosion resistance, melting point and creep strength are adapted to the application parameters. Specially tailored solutions are possible at any time. For high temperature measurements (thermo elements) we have thermo wires made from platinum and platinum/rhodium in all standard Diameters and make the appropriate thimbles. For the fiber industry we manufacture spinnerets and bushings with the utmost precision.

Platinum Labware - Model Overview


Fine Grain Stabilized Marvel

Zirconium oxide additives harden platinum, they promote grain refinement and solidify the material to make it a high performance material that exhibits exceptional material saving characteristics:

  • Better mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Up to two fold increase in tensile strength and yield strength
  • Creep strength triples
  • Increase of the maximum operating temperature by up to 20 %

FKS platinum is used in glass industry, for lab devices, in measurement technology and for customized devices. We offer all devices, particularly for XRF analysis, not only in Standard platinum alloys but also in FKS platinum.

Platinum devices in the melting apparatus
Platinum noozle with micro holes
Construction of an FSK platinum molecule - spider web with water drops

Recommended Alloys and Examples of Application


Application Tools Material Procedure
      °C °F °C °F
Ashing and coking of organic substances, acidic and alkaline on-tions, Abrauchungen, annealing of filter back-circumstances, thickening of liquids, etc. crucible shell Pt/Ir 97/3 1200 2192 1400 2552
fusions crucible Pt/Au 95/5 1200 2192 1300 2372
Pt/Rh 90/10 1400 2552 1550 2822
High temperature fusions crucible decantation shell FKS-Pt 1400 2552 1550 2822
FKS Pt/Au 95/5 1350 2462 1500 2732
FKS-Pt/Rh 90/10 1450 2642 1650 3002
Flour ashing shell Au/Pt 90/10 920 1688 950 1742
Au/Pd 80/20 920 1688 1180 2156
Electroanalytical provisions of metals,
potential measurements Gravimetry, S + Cl
electrodes Pt/Ir 90/10        
Schöniger electrode Pt        

Information concerning the application recommendations is based on years of operational experience. Higher temperatures, aggressive media, platinum poisons, etc., can significantly affect the service life. The alloys listed are only an extract of the alloys produced by Ögussa. We are eager to answer questions and special requests.